Got hair?- Hair Product Review

I am sure many of you struggle with finding the perfect hair product to finally eliminate those frizzy hair. And if you live anywhere on the East Coast, you surely understand that dilemma of flyaways and puffy hair during the humid summer months. For a while now I have been looking for that perfect product that will smooth my hair and add shine. I have tried so many different hair products that promise that but don't deliver. They weigh my hair down, make it greasy or simply don't work.
To give you an idea of my hair situation: my hair is colored, but there is no damage or breakage and since I get a hair cut regularly I don't have split ends. Well, I think I finally found the product that not only promises but also delivers results! In my desperation I have broken down and purchased the Kerastase product. The one I have picked is called FibreArchitecte. (I have also grabbed an argan oil product, that knocks the socks out of every other oil I have ever purchased)  This product is amazing! Let me tell you that you will notice the difference in your hair as soon as you apply this magic potion. You have to apply the creme all over your towel dry hair before blow drying and styling to your liking. (If you have course or very curly hair you may need to apply more product to coat your hair) May I say that styling your hair will also take a shorter time frame. That's my personal observation.
I know this product is expensive but when I add up the prices of all the products I've purchased that did not deliver, this one quickly becomes a bargain.
You can get this "potion" at the better hair salons and online. Click on the link to the Kerastase's website in the US.  ....and a shot of the product from me. Hope you get to enjoy it. What's your go to silver bullet? Would love to hear your recommendations!