My favorite 6 snacks for a healthy body

Healthy body-healthy mind. To make your life successful and to live to your full potential you have to feed your body and mind. I will talk about feeding your mind in another post. Today, I wanted to talk about the things that make our body healthy, so we can have physically enough strength to chase our dreams and succeed!
As the saying goes we are what we feed our bodies. If you want to progress in anything you do, you have to set new standards and start different routines, because routines will help you reach your goals and potential. Let's start with some healthy snacking. I know that when life gets stressful: your boss drops another project on your desk, you have deadlines that you work on, your children need to be picked up and all those other things that can come up, you often just reach for the candy jar. You need something to fuel you and candy, those donuts in the kitchen or chips in your desk drawer just call your name. But with preparation you can fend off those hunger calls. Replace the caloric bombs with healthy options, that have fiber and protein.
Here are some examples that I like to keep around me, to feed me between those main meals:
1. I keep at least 3 bottles of water at my desk to keep me hydrated, also sometimes when you think you are hungry drink a glass of water, it might be your body telling you that it needs to be re-hydrated.
2. I also keep a box of green tea bags at my desk. An alternative to water, helps me fend off hunger.
3. Kind bars, are natural and come in a variety of flavors.
4. Nuts, I like to have almonds or pistachios at my desk. Nuts contain healthy oils that are good for your skin, hair and brain function. (I am referring to unflavored and unsalted nuts) put them in snack bags, so you can easily control your portions.
5. Yogurt, I specially like the plain Greek yogurt by Fage. These contain little added sugar and you can add some honey to make it more flavorful.
6. Fruits and veggies, when I am at work I try to have two fruits or veggies or a combination of the two with me. Apples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, carrots and others are great options.

These are some of the things I eat to stay healthy and energized. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?