Twitter Dictionary-What you need to know

Often I am being told that people are not utilizing Twitter, because they don't understand the lingo used on this social media outlet. I even had a marketing manager tell me that her company will not use this tool, because "you almost need a dictonary to understand how to use it". Now, in my opinion Twitter is a great tool to communicate with customers and business partners in real time. If you are not utilizing this social media outlet you are missing out on an opportunity to connect with your customers, respond to customer service questions or simply hold a dialog with customers about your product and service. With that said, here are the key words you should understand:

RT=retweet=sharing somebody else's tweet, if you find the content of another user interesting you can retweet it to your followers
Tweet= status update of a maximum of 140 characters or less
FF= follow Friday= traditionally Twitter users share noteworthy people they recommend others to follow on Friday, that is called #FF
Mention= using the @ and the name of a user you can give them a shout-out or mention on your Twitter page
Hashtag= #= utilized to outline a keyword often used to follow discussions around a subject
DM= direct message= this is a private message you can send to somebody you follow, this person would have to follow you as well. Often utilized to share invites to other pages or contact information.
Can you think of any other words that need to be on this list. Tweet me @dagmarapostelle. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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