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Facebook lingo

Happy Monday to you all! Hope you had a great morning and the week is looking up for you. Today, I wanted to introduce the Facebook lingo, dictionary you can use when identifying the Facebook words you need to know in order to maximize your use of this social media platform. Let’s get started:

Like: “Like” has several different meanings in relationship to Facebook. First, like represents action you can take, for example you can LIKE a post or LIKE a Facebook page of a company and become a fan. Second, you can click the LIKE ICON on a website that would either show that you liked an item that company is offering or you liked a page of that company.

Here is an example of Tory Burch site’s LIKE button utilized to indicate that you like a specific item http://www.toryburch.com/Watersnake-Venice-Sandal/22128528,default,pd.html?dwvar_22128528_color=036&start=11&cgid=shoes-heels

Fan: a fan is a person who likes a specific business page

Newsfeed: Newsfeed shows you the status updates posted by your friends and pages you follow. Newsfeed can be sorted by most recent stories, which should post most recent updates or top stories, which should post only updates that are highly popular.

Tag: you can tag your images with your friends’ names, simply click on the photo, to the right buttom you will see tag photo when you click on those words you will be able to click on the person and tag them within that photo.

Page: Facebook allows for personal accounts and business accounts. Business accounts are called pages. Pages do not require a friend request, you can simply click the LIKE button and you will automatically become a fan of a page.

Wall: A wall shows what you have posted, shared to your Facebook page. You can delete the items you have shared on your wall.

Facebook Offer: Facebook Offers is another way to promote your Facebook page. It is possibly one of the most effective ways to entice a fan to purchase a product from you utilizing Facebook. You can create Facebook offers directly from your Facebook page. A person can claim that offer. When they claim the Offer, your post will be shared on their Facebook wall and it will be visible to other Facebook users there are friends with. It is a great way to spread the word about your company and invite people to your web commerce site.

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