Baltimore- the Charm City

Last week my work took me to Baltimore. I visited this city a while back and I must say that it has drastically changed for the better. The place was clean, it had different restaurants and shops and most of all every person was nice! They don't call it charm city for nothing.
In my free time I was able to stroll the Inner Harbor. The first few days the weather wasn't really cooperating but I still had taken the time to discover the area. As always ask the locals to give you some tips on where to go to eat or what places to visit. I have had a quick visit to the aquarium where you can see a great dolphin show, admire the beauty of sting rays or watch the sharks.
Another cool thing to see is the Barnes and Nobles which is located in an old power plant. When you have the time take a walk around the harbor and visit the antique ships that are part of the Baltimore history. Take a few days to visit this transforming city. Check out he pictures of some of the sights! Enjoy your weekend!

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