Get your inspiration from Instagram

Ever since Instragram was introduced in 2010 I have been hooked. My Twitter account was put on hold and most of my time has been spent on Instagram. I love the variety of photos from all over the world and different subjects. Here is a list of some of the accounts I love to follow and browse for inspiration:

1. Interior Design
 I truly enjoy the accounts of magazines, such as Elle décor, architectural Digest or Luxe Magazine. I also enjoy perusing furniture stores sites, from business such as Z Gallerie, West Elm or Ikea. It is here that I get inspirational ideas, see new trends and furniture. But I mostly frequent the accounts of "regular" people who share their passions and hard work. Here is a list, in no particular order, of interior design accounts I recommend:
For antique décor and amazing shabby chic design, check out the beautiful @casettabianca. She also has a beautiful blog under the same name with some fabulous shots of her Floridian home.
@gnajo18 is an interior designer. She also shares her fabulous home with her followers. All the details of her monochromatic home are just a joy!
There are plenty of international users who share their fabulous homes on instragram. Check out @aghop and her beautiful light-filled Norwegian home or @hanneh1 who posts shots of her home in Spain and Norway.

There are really too many beautiful and inspiring interior design accounts. I follow over 800 people and discover new portfolios every day.

2. life and style
When you say life and style there are two accounts that come to mind right away: @sincerelyjules, the beautiful Julie shares fashion shots and pictures from her travels. She also pens her blog, under the same name. The other account that I like for life and style inspiration is @goop by Gwyneth Paltrow.

3. Fashion and Beauty
There is a plethora of fashion and beauty accunts on Instragram. Being such a visual tool, Instagram is the perfect outlet for many brands and bloggers to share images. Of course one must mention @michaelkors who is sharing some amazing photos on fashion and bloggers who use the particular pieces. On the subject of fashion brands I have also been following @joie_clothing. A brand whose ethereal, well-made pieces I have been a fan of for years.
I also adore the account of the pretty @auds3 who shares anything from fashion, food and make-up.
Two users who are also youtube active are @stylizacje and @aggie81irl. They both post fashion, beauty, but also some décor and food images. I also enjoy other international accounts, for example @gizmolinas, who writes a blog under the same name and shares shots of her home, friends and times in Thailand.

Here are some other accounts that I wanted to mention:
@synnovehk,@lorainescottage, @victoriascottage @carolcabbagerose @mrslilli

There are too many accounts that I love and follow to mention them all here. Please, share in the comments who are your favorite accounts? If you want to stay up to date on my Instragram adventures, follow me at dpostelle. See you there!