Home Decor: My Top Five Decor Magazines

Happy Wednesday to you! Today's post is inspired by my friend who has decided to redesign her bedroom. We talked about the pieces that she wanted to keep and the colors she wanted to pick for her bedroom's walls. After a few minutes we have realized that she didn't have a specific inspiration that she would take as a guide in her project. If you are looking for ideas and you are not sure where to take your project, have a look at some of the decorating magazines. Here is a list of my top five (again in no particular order) that I would recommend.

1. Architectural Digest this monthly magazine is a Conde Nast publication. It has a ton of beautiful images and beautiful homes that many of us can only dream of. I especially love my iPad subscription which allows for additional footage and room shots from different angles. I specially enjoy to browse its pages to get inspirations from homes of the stars.
2. Elle Decor  I love seeing this monthly subscription arrive in my mail box. Just like the fashion edition this magazine has a variety of elegant and fashionable homes and decorating ideas. When you have a chance, have a look at the Culture & Travel section of the website. Here you will find anything from fabulous hotel recommendations to drink or food recipes.
3. Ideal Home is a British home decor magazine. You can typically buy it at your local Barnes & Nobles although at times they are not from the current month. This magazine shares images of "traditional" British houses and apartments. It provides for inspiration from across the pond.
4. Livingetc is a sister publication of Ideal Home. This is also available at Barnes&Nobles. This magazine will probably appeal to people who are looking for unique ways to decorate. It brings design from the continent with a modern twist. If you enjoy decorating, you will like having a peak at this magazine as you will discover homes I guarantee you have not seen in any magazine before.
5. House Beautiful doesn't the name of the magazine describe it all? When I flip through the pages and look at the beautiful homes, I get a decorating itch. It makes me want to immediately redecorate. I love how every page gleams with color and happiness.

This is my top five of magazines I visit for inspiration and trends. Are you favorites among the five above? Do you reach for other magazines? Please share with me in the comments section and don't forget to subscribe!

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