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As you could probably deduce from my prior posts I am an avid fan of Instagram. I post almost daily (and sometimes even several times a day) and I truly enjoy following all these wonderful people who share their lives with their fans.
I enjoy getting feedback on my decor/style posts and often share inspirational shots. I have recently shared a bedroom photo which has received a larger number of feedback, so I thought I will reveal where I have purchased some of the pieces. Maybe you will find something that you like and that you would like to introduce to your home.
Here is the photo I posted
Let's start with my bed. This piece has been with us for more than seven years. We have bought it at Crate and Barrel. The frame is made out of brown leather.
I have to say that the bed is very durable and of very good quality. It has been through two cross country moves with us.
Unfortunately, the company does not seem to carry this bed any longer, but they have a few bed frames that I liked. Check out the Collette Bed and the Tate bed, both of similar design.

Our bed sheets are by Calvin Klein and they were purchased at HomeGoods. The small white pillows at the front are from Ikea. The pillows are called Ofelia and are very durable, even with two pets. You can simply throw the covers in the wash.
The big square pillows are from ZGallerie. They are very soft and comfy. I love them equally on my sofa as well on my bed. I also bought them a few months back and I have not seen them in the store since. However, ZGallerie always carries a fabulous variety of pillows and accessories. I liked almost all pillows, but particularly these two caught my eye Mykonos Pillow which comes in variety of colors, I loved the light blue/brown, and the Gabriel Pillow.

My pride is the glass side table which I use as a storage for a variety of cables, pictures and other nick necks. I scored this piece last October at HomeGoods as well. I have not seen another one since and I am on the look out as I want to replace another cabinet with a glass sideboard like this. You can find many glass pieces at ZGallerie as well, have a look at this Borghese Mirror drawer chest. Beautiful isn't it?

The silver tray is from Ikea, I put together glass vases and placed either rocks or shells or a combination of the two on the bottom and place candles on top of the rocks. At last I have grouped a Bath&Body candle, stripped it of the sticker and glued a shell on top of the lid for more decorative value.

The picture frame and the picture itself are both from Ikea. You can easily replace it with another black and white photograph or graphic that matches the mood of your room.

As with all of my rooms I buy pieces over time. I must really love something to buy it as I keep it for a long time. Everything must seem timeless and elegant. I constantly evolve the glam of my rooms and match it to my needs and style. Often to freshen up the decor I add fresh flowers, new pillows or some interesting books.

Let me know what you think. How do you decorate your favorite rooms? What are some of your favorite stores you like to shop for home decor? Please share in the comments section.

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