My decor must-have: decorating trays #1

Hello, I'm Dagmara and I'm addicted to trays. There I said it! I can't pass a nice tray when I see one. My collection encompasses over 10 trays of different shapes, sizes and materials. And my addictive personality wants to keep adding more.
Trays to me are one of the best organizing tools. You can use them to store your mail by setting them by your entrance, you can use them to display collectibles or your candles. You can group items together to create a cohesive decorating piece. I even have one under a cabinet that stores some board games. The possibilities are endless.

Here are two new trays I had bought recently. The snake print tray is from HomeGoods, the smaller golden tray is from West Elm. Here are two examples how I would decorate them, one in a "safari" theme and the other one a little more feminine.
Do you like trays? How do you use them around your house?

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