Shop with me: Weekend trip to furniture stores #1

If you love interior decorating/styling as much as I do you just can't help but make any excuse to visit your favorite furniture stores. This weekend was no different for me. I just had to go and visit with ZGallerie and West Elm to keep my creative juices flowing. (I typically visit the two on the same day as they are across from each other.) This post is about my visit to ZGallerie, but I will share my WestElm stop in the next post.

I love ZGallerie (let me know if you would like to read a review) their products are simply beautiful. I love how every furniture piece, every accessory is elegant and selected with a specific user in mind. When you step into ZGallerie you are in a store full of styling ideas. Every inch of the retail space if filled with well made furniture pieces and decor items. You can find anything here, from big soft and comfy sofas and chairs to pictures and pillows to candles. I could spend hours in this store. I love it.

Here are some shots from my recent visit. As you can see I love the table decorating they create. While across the store you will find different tables styled in varieties of colors I can't get enough of the beautiful aqua. The mix of blue and gold reminds me of a fabulous vacation in Miami. Wouldn't you love to eat at an elegant table as this?
 I love lanterns of all types, especially as we are spending more time in our outdoor areas. Lanterns can be a fun and functional way to decorate. (There is a post coming up about different lantern ideas, so keep reading)

 Of course I couldn't pass this table without taking a shot. I love the silver theme, so elegant for Mother's day brunch. Don't you think?

At last here is a shot of the few items I grabbed while in the store. I am sure they will be featured in many photos of my home. Share with me in the comments, which is your favorite table style?

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