Home decor: One console, two ways Part 1

A while back I have purchased a this mirrored console from West Elm. Today, this console is standing in the walkway between my able and the kitchen. It serves many purposes, from holding napkins and glasses to welcoming guests with a friendly and inviting decor. I really love this piece as it is a very versatile piece that fits different styles of decor and different decorating purposes. Today I wanted to share with you two ideas how you can decorate this Foxed Mirrored Console. (By the way, this pieces is really easy to clean and to maintain. The glass is glazed with an antiqued finish which hides any finger prints)

1. Option #1 Has a lot of pieces that I wanted to incorporate. This so happened to be at the beginning of spring, I wanted to incorporate some branches and brighten the area with a shade of yellow.

 2. Option #2 is a much simpler version. I have incorporated some blue hues since the table across is hosting some blue decor items as well. As you see I did not remove the pile of magazines, I just have to go through each publication and decide what I want to keep for inspiration.

Do you have a console table in your apartment or house? How do you use it/decorate it? Please leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe!

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