Product Review: Home Depot #1

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Wednesday. Today I wanted to share with you my recent shopping experience with Home Depot. (I was in no way paid by Home Depot or asked to write a review, this is simply my own experience that I thought I share with you. Some of you might be considering a purchase through their website and might find this useful)
For a while now I had been looking for a sewing machine. After researching the different types of machines available on the market I decided that the Singer Heavy Duty 4423 will meet my needs.

I found the machine on several different sites with prices climbing to close to $200. When I shared my plans to buy a sewing machine with my co-worker she suggested I check out Home Depot
At first I was a little surprised to hear that the retailer would be offering something outside of the "typical" home improvement merchandise.

I visited the website only to find the machine in question retailing for $129, far less than the price I have seen in other stores. While they didn't have it in stores the company offered free shipping! Score!

Despite the projected delivery time of end of May I chose the free shipping option as I didn't need the machine right away.
Immediately after I placed the order I received a confirmation email which included the summary of my order and the UPS tracking information of my parcel. I was again surprised to discover that my machine was already on the way.
Needless to say, I received my parcel within just a few days of placing my order. I am positively surprised by the prompt shipment and delivery of the item I ordered. My sewing machine was carefully wrapped and placed in a box to protect the content.

If you are looking to purchase some home improvement items, you might be positively surprised by their prices and prompt service. I give them two thumbs up.

I  hope you will find this review helpful. Do you have a sewing machine? What are you making?

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