What inspires my decor #1

Here is what inspires me. I love the beach and the water. I love that they are such yin and yang. I enjoy decorating using the color palette of the water.
When you spend some time by the beach you will notice that the color of water changes almost every day and sometimes several times a day. Despite what seems to be always the same color family of blues if you look around you will notice the pops of green or white from the birds or clouds. I love the grays and the light blues and I love decorating with some unexpected pieces and colors as well.
I love how the beach doesn't seem to change and yet it's always looking a little different. I think this is how a home can be as well.
You can decorate by switching items between your rooms, changing positions of  your pillows, switching out the coffee table decor or lighting a different candle and all of the sudden your home looks different. The thing that you can't quite put a finger on is the atmosphere of the home. No matter what your place looks like what really makes it a home is the love that you share with the people or animals (or both) who live there.

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