DIY: Home Office

I have been contemplating a home office update for a really long time. Since I have been blogging and working from my home office on more projects I wanted to create a pleasant atmosphere where I can be creative and still feel like myself.  Unfortunately, this space has to also house an area for a guest who would stay over night.

This post will be useful to those of you who are looking to decorate or change just one area of the room See it doesn't have to be a total make-over just a few little changes can make a huge impact, especially of your are working on a budget.

So for starters I decided to tackle the area I use the most, my desk. My desk was a piece I purchased over 6 years ago from Crate and Barrel. I love my desk. I like that is has plenty of storage and I can easily see what I have available through the glass top, which also keeps my supplies and office accessories nicely organized. However, the dark brown color was a little dated and I wanted to create a more airy and clean environment. After a long back and forth I decided to give the desk a little make over and I painted it white.

If you are looking to infuse a new life to a room try spray painting a piece in a favorite color. You will be surprised how the same piece can change in appearance when the color changes. And what a difference it made in my space!

Here is a before shot:

To update my desk I used two spray cans of semi-glossy white color. I first dusted off my desk and sanded the top layer of the desk to ensure the paint sticks properly to the wood. (I also had a tarp to make sure I don't spray any of the tiles)

Here is the finished product. I like to decorate with flowers and add fresh green details to my office decor. The pencil holder is a flower pot I bought at IKEA, so is the lamp.
I use the calendar to affix any inspirational photos for my next blog post or project I work on.

Have you tackled a DIY project recently? I would love to see what you made. Please link to your blog post in the comments section. And don't forget to subscribe!

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