Home decor Shopping with me: Weekend trip to ZGallerie

I love ZGallerie, to me this is a mecca of interior decor. I love how the store is set up to inspire you on how to utilize the different home accent items you can find here. Since the brand has been celebrating 35 years in business I had to stop by the store to take advantage of the 20% off sale. I got only a few pieces, but I was very much inspired by the ever-changing store decor. Here are a few shots from my latest trip.
Happy Anniversary ZGallerie! This is truly a celebration in style! 

I am forever on love with white and aqua blue decor pieces. Aqua just adds such an understated elegance to white. To me this is one of those colors that always seems to smile.

I always enjoy an interesting combination of patterns. Sometime you just have to get out of the comfort zone. What do you think of this combination? I like the colors and the headboard is divine! 

This table to me screams Palm Beach elegance. It's the blue and gold combination. I can imaging eating here while enjoying a nice view of the beach. 

Sputnik lamps are such classic pieces. They are always in and I like this all chrome option. Beautiful how this mirror amplifies the light. I'd love this over a table in a contemporary dining room. 

Hello gold and black! Here we meet again. This table is such a ode to Asia. I love the lanterns. How do you like this table?

Last picture, I had to capture this one. This is a perfect setting for an outdoor celebration. Who said dining alfresco had to happen to some ugly paper plates? 

Which is your favorite above? What colors do you gravitate towards? Share below and don't forget to subscribe for more updates?

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