Home Decorating Ideas: Outdoor room decorating

We are quickly approaching Summer time, the days get longer and we spend more time outside. Many of us have the opportunity to decorate balconies, patios and little urban retreats for evenings spent outside.

I love spending my time outside, with a book in my hand I just truly enjoy the warmer temperatures. But with that also comes the dilemma-how to decorate an outside space without breaking the budget.

Outside of outdoor furniture and plants the one things that can't be missing is light. One of my favorite way to decorate the outside space is to get some lanterns. Today, there is a huge variety available on the market to choose from.

Here are some of the things to consider before you purchase lanterns:
Safety of the lanterns. Are the lanterns made out of glass? Is there a danger of the glass breaking while outside? Can the broken glass hurt anyone, children or pets.
Consider that open flame is not the safest way to create an ambiance. There is a large variety of different flame-less candles which are battery operated. They can be set on a timer which burns for a set amount of hours and goes off by itself.
There are also lanterns that are fueled by sun, you leave them out they store sun energy and light up at night. These lanterns come in different colors. I went for a yellow/orange light as it seemed most natural to me.
Before I buy lanterns I always think how they could be utilized during colder months. All pieces to me have to be versatile and I have to be able to use them in different ways through the year.

Here is my little lantern collection I have accumulated over the years.
The green Asian inspired lantern and the bird cage next to it are both from HomeGoods, the white one on top of the pillows is from Target and the green one next to the pillows is from World Market. I believe I got the clear glass one from HomeGoods as well.
I personally enjoy utilizing different materials and sitting for example the bird cage on the floor or o using it to anchor different corners of the terrace.
I also like lining pathways leading to the entryway with lanterns or decorating the sitting area by hanging lanterns on trees or sitting them on tables.
How do you decorate with lanterns? Have you been using them lately? What are your favorites? Share in the comment section!

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