Home Decor: How to add color to your home decor

What kind of decorating style have you been loving lately? For some reason I keep coming back to modern monochromatic decor. I am totally attracted to clear lines, simple designs, black and white furniture and decor. I love modern, but functional and comfortable pieces that are versatile. 

In my home I have been using a very muted color palette. I shy away from bright colors, such as yellows or reds. Our sofa is white, the coffee table has a white marble top and the pictures that hang on our walls are black and white, you get the idea. All major decor items are very neutral and muted. I like to think of them as a canvas and by adding specs of colors I create moods and pictures. 

I add a pop of color with coffee table books and plants. Lately orchids have been chosen to grace the corners of our space. I love the pop of colors they add to the space. Orchids are very subtle and understated, but elegant and most of all long-lasting. 

Orchids come in different sizes and a variety of colors. Some great places where you could get beautiful pots are: Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Ikea and Trader Joe. 

What decorating style have you been attracted to for your apartment? How do you add color to your decor? Please share in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe! 

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