Home Decor: How to bedroom decor

While I love white contrasting with dark colors I have been enjoying nice pops of colors. For example, I like this ZGallerie pillow. It's a minty color and the detail is beautiful.

There will always be books on my side table. I love reading before going to sleep and sometimes I like reaching for a book before I actually start "functioning".

Hello, how are you my lovely friends? Another week is flying by in a hurry and tomorrow is Friday again. What are your weekend plans? I will be learning how to dance Salsa, I will let you know how I liked it.
As you can tell from the title of this post, today I will share some tips about decorating a bedroom. One of my very first posts was about bedroom decor and you enjoyed it, so I thought I share some tips and improved shots of where I lay my head to rest.
Here are some quick tips on making your bedroom a comfortable place to rest:

The preferred color pallet for my bedroom decor is very neutral. I love to decorate with white I typically reach for white sheets, using colorful accents only in a few throw pillows. While I love decorating with flowers in the living room areas, I prefer to keep those away from the bedrooms. Some flowers have intensive smells and as mentioned above might trigger allergies. But I love using candles to cozy-up the mood. Do you have a favorite candle you prefer lighting up in the bedroom? 

While I believe that, as in any room, details are very important, sometimes making the bed "just right" makes the room appear so much more put together. Watch this short tutorial video how to make and style your bed  He shares some great decor tips about the pillows. 
Do you have a favorite bedroom detail that makes the room more special? Or is your bedroom a decor dilemma? Share in the comments. 

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