Home Decor: How to decorate a console

To create some visual interest I have placed the bottles in the back of the tray anchoring the highest ones at the corners and placing glasses at the front of the tray. This way you have easy access to the gentle glassware, but it does not obstruct your view of what''s available to drink.

I have even added a basket at the bottom that holds Daisy's leash 

I have been wanting to jump on the bar cart bandwagon and get one for our apartment. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find one that totally rocked my world. I don't know about you, but I really want to fall in love with all the furniture pieces that I bring home. Yesterday, I a moment of boredom I decided to transform our sideboard from a pure decoration piece to a functioning "bar cart". While I can't move it from one side of the apartment to the kitchen, the sideboard is close enough to the dining table and the kitchen that it has a perfect location to match the role of a bar.
As you know I have an abundance of trays, so I decided to use one of the glass trays as a collective area for the bar essentials. I displayed some glasses, straws and alcohol bottles, that the Mr. likes to use in his drinks. I tried to make this area as functional as possible without taking away from the flair of our place. The glass tray is from West Elm, so it my sideboard.

How do you like this side board use? Would you use it as a bar? Let me know in the side comments. 

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