Annapolis, day trips

 Side street away from the main strip with pretty little buildings and details.

 Thurgood Marshall memorial.

Maryland State House

A view of the Maryland State House from the other side, take on the main strip leading to the harbor.

This is the restaurant where Man versus Food was shot. People lining up outside for a table.

Statue of Alex Haley who wrote the classic Roots.

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and the home of US Naval Academy. Annapolis is rich in culture and played a role during the civil war where it housed a hospital and a prisoner camp to confederate soldiers.
Annapolis is also mentioned in the book Roots written by Alex Haley about his family history and his ancestors who have been brought in chains on ships to the port of Annapolis.
The little port area is bustling with life, there are many little shops and restaurants. As always don't be afraid to venture to the little side streets where you will find a number of antique and vintage shops.
One of the restaurants was even featured in the TV show "Man versus Food". You can easily spot the location as there is a line outside the door.
The cobble stone streets are narrow and will lead you to the Maryland State House with an impressive garden and beautiful memorial dedicated to Thurgood Marshall, the first African American justice to the Supreme Court.
The city reminds me somehow of St. Augustin in Florida, maybe it's the flair of the port and the ships coming in to deliver good. I can imagine the noises and scenes from hundreds of years ago when the city was first founded.
If you are on the east coast, you must definitely check out this place. It's about 50 miles away from the DC metro area, and you will see some amazing buildings with beautiful details.

Have you been on a day trip lately? Where did you go? What places can you recommend? Feel free to share a link to your post below.

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