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Good Morning! Have you enjoyed your weekend? I hope you had a nice and relaxing two days. Today I wanted to share a project I've worked on recently.

I had a pleasure of styling a bedroom. The only "restriction" was a bed that was already in the place. I decided to make this a glamorous, yet user-friendly space with lots of light and some dark elements to create a cozy and restful atmosphere. Who says a bedroom can't be beautiful and comfy at the same time?

This has been a fun project and I picked a gray color palette to match the headboard. Here are some pieces I have used to make this a stand out room.

For starters I have suggested a change in wall color. I suggested Glidden's Smoky Charcoal which looks great with white, yellow, gold and silver accent colors, if you want to try it in your bedroom.

Here is a collage of some of the pieces that were picked to make this a cozy bedroom.

 I don't owe any of the images used in the collage above, sources are listed below 

Shopping list if yo would like to get some of the items featured here:

Side Tables Pottery Barn

Mirror ZGallerie mirrors help make any space seem bigger, they are great to place across from a window the magnify any light that comes in during the day. 

Chandelier a nice chandelier adds drama and provides for beautiful mood lighting, make sure to use bulbs that provide a nice yellow glow which will make your space more cozy feeling. 

Chair ZGallerie the client wanted to have a chair for reading, I have added this ZGallerie accent chair

Rug West Elm I love the colors of this rug, it's light enough to create a little contrast, but still has the color elements that we were going for in this room. It will look great at the foot of the bed. 

Floor Lamp ZGallerie​ the floor lamp is a great addition in the reading nook, make sure you have strong enough bulbs to provide enough light when reading.

Bedside Lamps, ZGallerie

Pillows for the bed, West Elm Pillow 1, Pillow 2 I love a little pop of color with the yellow bands on the pillows, you can mix these types of pillows, I would suggest two gray and one pillow with the added color. 

Faux fur throw from Zgallerie this has been my go-to throw on a lot of projects. I love how luxurious it looks without breaking the bank. It would look great at the foot of the bed or in the reading nook. 

Beautiful flowers on the side tables will provide an added touch of glam.  What do you think would you add some of the elements here to your bedroom? 

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