Seven Bedroom Pieces from ZGallerie You Will Love

Hello Glamistas welcome to another edition of Trendy Tuesday! It's nice having you! I hope you enjoy these weekly round-ups of my favorite decor pieces and you get a little inspiration on how to decorate your home or some ideas on what pieces to add to your home decor.

If you are like me, you probably visit ZGallerie every time you are around the stores. They always add a number of fabulous pieces to their assortment. Today, I wanted to share with you  my favorite items from their new collection. It just so happens that these are perfect for a bedroom.
Don't worry, many of the pieces I picked today would be great in other areas of your apartment. Have a look!

As with other Trendy Tuesday posts I do not owe any of the images. Click on the links in the description below to find the sources. I was not paid or asked to compile this list.

So, imagine, if this was your bedroom to add a pop of color you would just add some beautiful roses or orchids and a picture on the wall. :)

Let's get to the details:

1. Roberto Bed, beautiful and luxurious microfiber bed. This will be a focal point of any bedroom, the tufted headboard is lined with antique-brass nail heads. Simply gorgeous and glam!

2.  Layla Velvet bedding, I just had to add the bedding set, because a bed like this  deserves fabulous bedding, don't you agree? :) I love the diamond quilted patterns, simple but beautiful.

3. Ludlow Pillow, if you've been to the store and touched this pillow you would know how smooth and soft if feels. This pillow is perfect for this bed or any other spot around the house where you enjoy napping or just simply want to be comfortable. It will make you feel like you are on a cloud 9.

4. Margeaux lamp, I personally been loving lamps with a crystal base and think they look equally fabulous on a night table as they are on a side table or entry way vignette. What do you think? Where would you put this lamp around your house?

5. Addison side table , this side table would be a perfect stand-in for a nightstand. If you don't have enough room this would be have enough room to store some magazines or books, vase with flowers and lamp. Of course a table like this can be used as a side table in your living room or a night table in your guest room. How would you use this table, would you place it next to your bed or use something like this as a side table?

6. This luxurious throw is amazing! I love that the Sechura throw is faux fur, so no animals were hurt making it. It's soft and warm and perfect to cuddle under when the colder temperatures come sneaking in. I like the contrast it creates with the light color of the bed frame and the bedding.
Naturally, a piece like this can be easily draped over a sofa or a chair and be used while watching a favorite movie while having some hot coco. How do you like this throw?

7. At last I thought that this ring dish adds a fun winter-like touch to your night-table, closet or your bathroom. I like that it's high-gloss and made out of porcelain, which makes it easy to clean.

How do you like these pieces? Is there anything you see you would add to your home decor? Let me know in the comment section what you think of my picks.

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