Week-End Soup

The War over Airbnb, If you have ever used Airbnb to rent from a person or to rent to someone you should definitely read this article (or if you thinking about it). Do you think share economy is making it more difficult to find affordable housing in your city?

Take better pictures for your website, Jeremy Woodhouse shares some to die for photos and great tips about taking pictures for your website in the article How to Take Professional Photos for Your Website.

TV Shows. have you seen the new episode of Blacklist? What did you think of the season's opener? I have not suspected that Red was married before. Did you? How do you like Elizabeth Keen's (Megan Boone) new hair cut?

More women in CEO positions a thing of impossibility? A recent study by Credit Suisse shows the reasons why there aren't more female CEOs. Do you think our environment impedes the progress of women leaders?

Weather, I have been enjoying this weekend's beautiful weather and warm temperatures by walking around and seeing things from a different perspective. Just like the Capitol building above. This weekend I stopped by the Post Museum and the Union Station (I will share more of that next week)

How was your week and your weekend?

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