3 Organizational Tips to Become a Better Blogger

The lovely ladies at DC Ladies have asked for organizational tips for bloggers as part of the ##TDCLBlogtober14 here are my three easy tips how to get organized and more productive. Ready? Let's go! 

1. Blog ahead
My favorite tip is to blog ahead. I sit down on a Saturday or Sunday evening and write my blog posts ahead of time. I would typically write 5 posts for each day of the week and then schedule them to publish from Monday to Friday at the same time. I still spend time managing my posts through the week, like scheduling tweets and posting to Facebook or Google+, but the content is already written and ready to roll. Takes the stress out of the week days. 

2. Excel it out
I create my editorial calendar with Excel. I schedule my posts about a month ahead, with subject lines, dates and type of posts, for example Monday 10/27 beauty post and the subject. I also have a column for distribution and note if the post is for my blog or for a guest appearance on another blog. 
Here is an example of what the calendar might look like:

3. Use your calendar
I like to schedule my activities on the calendar. I am constantly reading and searching for new ways to grow my readership and influence. I come across a variety of sources and have a load of ideas, so I need something to keep me in check. So, I have to use calendar, but it's important that the calendar has a way to remind you of your scheduled events. This way you wont spend time doodling around on Twitter when you should have been posting to G+. You can keep your activities in check and remember to join Twitter chats or to post to Facebook or Bloglovin' and comment on x amount of posts. 

What are your 3 organizational tips to a be a better, more efficient blogger? Let me know in the comment section! 

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