How I Organized My Bathroom

Hello, are you enjoying your day? Recently I was asked on Instagram, (if you want to follow my IG account, you can find me under GlamistaHome) to share some bathroom storage ideas.
So, today I will share some shots from around the bathroom showing you how I store or organize some of my beauty products.
I am lucky enough to be able to use my bathroom alone, the Mr. has his own bathroom and his own storage system.
The things you will see I have purchased at HomeGoods or Target. I love clear containers, so I can quickly see what I have available and easily access the products that I need.
I think it's great to re-cycle some candle or jam jars to hold your brushes, q-tips or lipsticks. It's an inexpensive and chic way to style up and organize your bathroom.
Alright, let's get to the pictures. I hope this will help you or give you some ideas on how you could organize your beauty supplies.

 My pretty perfume bottles are displayed on a plate from Ikea. The diffuser is from Pottery Barn in Ocean.

This white cabinet is from HomeGoods. The pretty detail is the marble top. I just couldn't say no to this and the fact that is had doors had me sold. I like to store things out of sight, so it doesn't look so messy. I love that is has a drawer on top where I keep make-up that I use on everyday basis.

As mentioned before I like to store things in clear containers, so I can easily identify what I have and where things are located. It helps me save time in the morning, as I don't have to look for things. 

These are my spares. I have a thing for running out of stuff, so I often buy ahead or buy two of something, just so I have it when I need it. 

This is my little area on the sink. I have used a doxie plate from West Elm to display everything. The jar to the left is from a Raspberry jam. I cleaned it keeping the white label for a "french touch" 

Here are another tray display where I keep my go-to lotions and cotton pads.

I hope this little bathroom storage overview was useful to you. How do you store your beauty products or organize your supplies? Please share in the comments. I love hearing from you!

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