Inspirational Wednesday

Happy hump day lovely Glamistas! Since it's mid-week we all might need a little pick me up in the inspiration department. I thought I share with you a quote that I have been loving for a really long time.
I know that many of us ladies (I'm looking at you!) are afraid of failure. That's OK fear is natural, it happens to us all. Fear is good, because it helps us prepare. It helps us plan and prepare. But fear of failure should not keep you from living the life to the fullest and being all that you can be!
You know what's worse than failing? It's not starting and it's not doing something that you have always wanted to do, fulfilling a destination that is yours to fulfill only because you are afraid of failure.
Last week we talked a little about failure being an experience or data as Coleen's comment said. As tacky as it sounds, if you knew you had only a few days or even weeks to live what would you try doing? Would you continue doing the same thing day in and day out our would you finally decide to get up and die trying?

If you could not fail, what would you do? What would you start today? Please comment in below! I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts!

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