Sightseeing Tour Through Washington DC

Hello Glamistas! I hope you are enjoying your week. Today I wanted to share some shots from a recent trip to another free museum in DC. You have to love the Smithsonian museums, such a variety of subjects and exhibits, all at the finger tips of people living in the DC metro area. I hope if you are living here you take some time to explore.

This time we have taken on the Post Museum. Yes, I had the same feeling about it, what a Post Museum? How long can you look at stamps until it gets boring, right? I know there are people who collect stamps and some of the stores behind the stamps are fascintaing take for example the Inverted Jenny, which the Post Museum has on display.

When you step into the museum you are taking a step into history. This museum is beautiful on the inside, from ceiling to the walls everything is bearing amazing details. You have to go and see it!

The museum is great for kids as well. Many of the displays are interactive. You get to touch the equipment, explore the sorting facilities and much more.

One of the things I had to idea about was that the Post had its own investigative unit. The exhibit cited the case of check frauds, death of a post man and other case that that department investigated. Being a snoop this was pretty interesting to me. :)

Here are some shots from the beautiful museum. If you are in the area or dropping someone at the Union Station you must step into the museum. You will be positively surprised. Here are some shots from our walk through. Enjoy!

Old p.o. boxes on the wall. The detail on these brass boxes was beautiful.

I couldn't get enough of the amazing ceiling. Look at the detail!

When you leave the museum and stroll down Mass Avenue you will end up at the Union Station where we grabbed something to eat. We picked Rosti which was delicious. Unfortunately by the time I remembered to snap a photo my food was gone. :)

Part of the Union Station is still under contraction, but if you are stuck waiting on a train, don't just sit there. The station has a variety of stores from Nine West to H&M or Ann Taylor and Victoria Secret you can do some serious damage to your wallet while waiting on a train. :)

The outside of Union Station is pretty impressive and many parts are newly remodeled. You can catch a few tour buses from here. They have a night tour which takes you around DC's most important monuments. The bus stops at most of the locations which allows you to check it out in more detail. 

If you continue walking up the street from the Union Station towards the Capital building, which you can see from the Union Station,  you come across a pretty park. It's nice to take a breather next to the fountain and take a few shots of the surrounding buildings.

Library of Congress

Continue walking towards the Smithsonian Metro Station you will walk by the also newly remodeled and finally finished exterior of the Smithsonian Institution Building, also known as the Castle. Due to the construction, I have typically ignored the building, but since the scaffolding was removed I was positively surprised to discover this beautiful rose garden right in front of the building. I can't wait until next spring to see and smell all of the beautiful roses again and to enjoy some sun rays while sitting on one of the benches. It's a beautiful sanctuary right in a busy city.

I  hope you have enjoyed my stroll through the city. Thank you for taking the trip with me. Leave me a comment below.

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