Top Five Social Media Tools

Hello lovely Glamistas! In today's post I would like to share with you five social media tools, some you might already know, some might be new to you. Anyway, I hope you will find this post useful.
Let's get right to it!

(the list is in no particular order)

1. TweetDeck
I have been using Tweetdeck when the platform first came out. At that time you were still able to add other social media accounts to the tool and manage posts from there. Unfortunately, this has changed and now you can only manage your Twitter account via the TweetDeck tool.
Despite this restriction I think this is an awesome tool to have the entire twitter-verse in front of you. You don't have to toggle between screens, pages, keywords, notifications...
One of the features I really like is the fact that I can easily participate in a Twitter party while still maintaining my eye on the general twitter feed or my particular keywords. Twitter lets you set up different feeds as you desire.
Another benefit of this tool is that you can easily schedule posts far in advance.
This tool does not offer any analytics, but it's free and it's a great way to manage several Twitter accounts.

2. Buffer
Buffer allows you to track and share content of your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and your G+ account. My favorite feature is that you have an insight into the analytics of your accounts. It shows the engagement with your content, The month fee will set you back $10/month.

3.Social Oomph
Social oomph is  another great Twitter tool. It allows you to schedule tweets and auto follow new followers as we as track keywords. The platform has two options a free and a pro, paid, option. The version allows you for more control, for example you can avoid spammy accounts, schedule and publish blog posts and manage an unlimited number of blogs. Here you can integrate your Tumbr, WordPress and other blogs.

4. HootSuite

HootSuite is most likely one of the most popular social media managing tools. They offer 3 different plans. The free plan allows you to integrate 3 social media accounts. You can schedule posts and, even with the basic account, get an analytics reports. As mentioned the basic account is free, the Pro is $9.99 and currently HootSuite gives you a 30 day trial period.

5. SocialSprout

Social Sprout is really intended more for the pro. The plans are more expensive starting at $59/month per user, but the platform is really great.
You get pretty good analytics platform that allows you to track the social media account activity. They provide you with pie charts and easy to read reports. You can publish post and schedule post. One of my favorite features is that they can send you brand monitoring reports to your inbox, so you don't have to go to an external dashboard to constantly check what people are saying about your brand or who has mentioned a particularly important keyword to your brand. You can test this service free for 30 days.

So here you have it five social media managing tools. Hope you have found this list useful. What other social media tools are you using? Please share your recommendations below.

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