Top five tea pots-Trendy Tuesday!

Hello, happy Tuesday! It's time for Trendy Tuesday. As you know every Tuesday I introduce some cute pieces that could be related to the season, on everyone's lips or just some of my favorite pieces that are worth mentioning.
Since the weather is cooling off and many of us, including myself, start reaching for some hot tea I wanted to share some cute tea pots that will look amazing on your coffee or dining table. Ready? Here we go!

Lizzy Yellow Pot can be found along with the Ray Ray aqua colored pot at CB2. I love these two, because despite the traditional shapes they will add funky color and interest to your tea party.

Next to the aqua pot you will find Pottery Barn's Great While Coffee Pot. This one is super affordable at $29 you can't do no wrong.

Bottom row:
White pot on the left is the Staccato Teapot from Crate and Barrel, I really like this one for its elegant details and the beautiful white china. It's simple and will match other tea cups and china pieces you might already have at home.

Silver pot on the right is the Guy Degrenne Salam Insulated pot from Williams Sonoma. I just love the modern combination of white porcelain and stainless steel body which will surely keep the tea hot for a little longer.

Do you enjoy having a hot cup of tea during the colder months? What type of drink do you warm up with?

This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned. I do not owe any of the images and the sources are shown above. 

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