How to Decorate Your Living Room with Vintage Pieces from Chairish

If you are big fan of home decor styling, like I am, you will really enjoy today's post. I have been approached by the lovely people of Chairish to create a mood board for a room of my choice. Boy, was I for a treat!

This site is packed with beautiful, authentic vintage pieces from classic furniture designers such as Eames or John Keal who was collaborating with Brown-Saltman.

I widely underestimated the amount of beautiful vintage items I will be able to find. Typically I would go to a site and immediately spot a piece or two  around which I would style a room. These furniture pieces would fit certain criteria easily and all I would have to do is find accessories to make the room functional and well, pretty.
This time it was different. I saw many authentic and beautiful pieces that I would have loved to use. I am sure you will see many upcoming mood boards featuring beautiful classic tables, couches, chairs and, and and from Chairish.

Needless to say I had a really hard time deciding on the the pieces I would like to use in today's blog post.  I have browsed the site for a few days, downloading different images,

My final room theme was inspired by a set of blue Dior earrings I spotted on their site. The pretty blue and clear crystals inspired the color palette. And once I was set on the color scheme the room came together easily.

I love how the mid-century sofa and white leather chair add a sophisticated touch to the room while the Louis Ghost chair and the Sputnik lamp give it a modern touch.
I kept this space in a blue and silver color palette and added a pop of colors via picture and the orchid on the side table.
Here is the shopping list for all the furniture and decor pieces used in the room:

Sofa - Mid-Century blue tufted sofa
White leather chair - Mid-century white club chair
Coffee table - Paul Mayen Glass Top, Chrome table
Silver Pouf - Leather silver pouf 
Plastic Chair - Pop Art Cara Delevingne Louis Ghost Chair 
Safavieh grey wool rug - Ikat Wool Rug by Safavieh 
Pillow - Platinum Damask Pillow, I love the pattern on this pillow, it reflected the pattern of the rug
Far and Away Art -Cheryl Meader Far and Away Wall Art 
Side Table - Silver Mirrored Side Table  a super versatile piece with bottom shelf that could be used to store magazines or a radio.
Sputnik Lamp - Chrome 21 lights Sputnik Lamp  this is an authentic 1970's Sputnik Lamp.
Wool Throw - Merino Wool Throw
Gecko - Marble Tiled Jewelry Box with Bronze Gecko this item adds a little sense of humor to the room.

If you are looking for vintage decor and fashion pieces Chairish is a really great side that offers a vast number of items that would spark anyone's fancy. Here you can find anything from a beautiful Chanel and Hermes bags to a set of four Eames chairs. Chairish is easy to browse and offers extensive images and descriptions of all the chic pieces you can buy on the site.

The items sold on here are from all over the country, so you could even avoid shipping by picking them up from the seller if he or she is in your immediate proximity.

I hope you have enjoyed this little decor inspiration. As you can see there aren't that many pieces needed to decorate and style a room. Do you feel inspired? How could you incorporate classic vintage furniture and decor for a room in your home?

Is there a piece that caught your eye? I am looking forward to your feedback!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to create this post or the mood board and my opinions reflected in the post are my own.

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