Mirassou Wine Tasting and Party Tips!

I love entertaining and hosting parties. I am always looking for cool and different ideas on how to host a party and spend some good time with my guests.

Last week I had the pleasure to visit an event that was sponsored by the wonderful people of the Californian winery Mirassou. David Mirassou was kindly sharing tasting tips and techniques. He also provided some tips on how to pair wine with food to maximize flavors of both.

In addition to tasting food we were given some great entertaining ideas. I thought I would share with you what has caught my eye and ear and sounded perfect for the colder fall and winder months when all of us entertain inside.

First, let me share some shots for the Mirassou wine tasting event.

First indicator of the many amazing wines to come. :) 

Mirassou's signature wine, the Pinot Noir. This one has a really nice depth. Great to pair with burgers or some finger food, such as Tostini with Fig Spread and Brie  

What a cute decor idea, especially now as we are unpacking all the holiday decorations, it's nice to use the Christmas tree lights as part of your party decor. 

I found this a really nice idea, pair the wine based on the interests of the hostess. 

And here are three party tips:

1. Host an under $20 wine bottle party. Buy a few bottles of wine that are under $20 and ask your guests to bring a few of their favorites as well. Cover all labels and allow your guests to vote for their favorite. Mirassou has a rating sheet on their website you can print out to make the judging easier and more fun.

2. Potluck and wine with a twist. Ask your friends to bring a bottle of wine and a matching dish. What a treat if everyone brings a different type of dish from appetizer to dessert and matches that with a favorite wine.

3. Host a wine inspired food party. Cook dishes that are inspired by your favorite wines. Some of the dishes can be really easy finger food ideas. You can create a little food stations around the house so people can taste different wines and food while having a relaxed conversation with different guests.

What is your favorite type of wine? Do you prefer reds or white wines?

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