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I am going away for a few days for a ladies weekend get-away. I wanted to share with you how I prepare myself for a trip and how I organize my things before I leave. This and any following posts are absolutely not a rule, I hope that my ideas and experiences will benefit other ladies. I hope that this journey will also allow me to grow and learn new tricks from you, my readers.
Now after I get the excitement about my traveling under wraps I start creating a to-do list. First, I compile my to do list of all the things I need to do before I leave, the details of the list are up to you and may depend on the time you will be away. Obviously, the longer you are gone, the more detailed you should be. You might want to prioritize your list, make sure that the most important things are done and double checked first. Ask yourself questions and try to make a few points first, you would be surprised with how many things you will come up with, the more you think about it. The list can include items, such as finding a suitcase, researching places to visit at your destination, public transportation options, weather conditions (do you have to buy alternative clothing items? and what). You will also need to identify the things that you need to clear before you leave, for example do you need to find a pet sitter or can you take your pet with you, do you want to TiVo some of your favorite shows, put on a hair mask, etc. My to do lists always reaches beyond my vacation. I ask myself: What do I need to do before I leave, so I can relax while I am gone and not worry about choirs after I come back? I make sure to pay all bills ahead, clean up my house, put away clean dishes, etc. so when  I return I can truly look back at a wonderful time off.
That to do list helps me stay on top of all the things I need to complete. And whenever I mark an item off it is a very satisfying feeling.
Here are some tricks I use to get ready to travel:

I take pictures of my outfits on my phone, this way I know what was packed, so if my suitcase is lost I have proof of what I had in it. It also helps me visualize what clothing combinations I have with me, so I don't have to dig through the luggage to figure out what to wear.
I use my clutches as jewelry storage, I put the individual pieces in snack zip lock bags, so chains do not get tangled up, you can also use a pill box to store pieces in each daily slot. I put the zip lock bags inside my clutch.
I typically purchase tooth paste, brush, body wash in travel sizes, because I hate logging the regular sizes with me and if there is a delay or a long flight I can use my cosmetics to freshen up while on the plane.
I always upload new music or a book onto my iphone, it is always readily available and I never have a dull moment, naturally I also buy magazines of interest to me. However, if I have planned  trip ahead I either tear out articles I would like to read or I use the Iphone app instapaper to bookmark articles I came across that I can read on my iphone later. You can also listen to lectures and how to guides on itunes. You will be sursprised how many interesting and free things you can find on itunes.
Use your downtime while in the airport or airplane to respond to any emails, set up your Twitter account or update your 4square status. It fun, you can share your emotions with your friends and inform your family of your traveling timeline.
Don't forget to take with you Airborne or some other multivitamin pill that will keep colds at bay. Also, get some snack size pretzels, almonds, etc. you always will have something to snack on when the attendants are busy with other passengers or when there is no food on the plane, especially on short flights. I take some small bags of baby carrots or apply with me, and this way I don't feel like I am snacking on junk food. (however, on international flights you probably will not be able to take raw food with you, so refer to Larabars, they come in many yummy flavors and are even good for a vegan diet!)
My most important rule: BE ALWAYS KIND TO THE PEOPLE WHO WORK TO MAKE YOUR VACATION PLEASANT! You don't want to be remembered as an obnoxious travelers who got drunk or was rude to the crew. There is simply no reason for rudeness, you achieve so much more if you remain calm and state your demands clearly and friendly. Kindness is always a better way to get things done your way. I have received a lot of freebies, just because I was not rude and flipped out.  Being a lady is an art form you can learn, believe me I know :)
What are your favorite things to take when you are traveling? Do you have a traveling staple you always take with you when traveling?

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