A Few Drugstore Favorites

Here are some of my drugstore favorites that I come back to over and over again.
I have wanted to get the Clarisonic face cleaner, but found the price of over $100 too much. I came across this Olay cleansing system a few months ago and have been using it religiously ever since. The system does not cost nearly as much as the Clearsonic. This product as far as I remember was under $40. It has two settings and gently cleanses and massages the upper layer of the skin.
The replacement brush heads come in a pack of two and cost around $10. You can acquire the entire system at Target. I would strongly recommend this as less expensive alternative.
I also have been using this eye brow pencil from Wet&wild in taupe. The pencil is under $5 and lasts about eight Hours. I've had used probably five of them by now.
I have also enjoyed the Aveeno body wash in peach and ginger. I like how this body wash leathers and smells deliciously of peaches. It is moisturizing and unlike other more pricey products does not appear to contain much alcohol.
At last I also been enjoying Glade products I like how they fill any room with a pleasant smell and last for hours. I especially like candles around Christmas time as they make a room appear more festive. I also enjoy candles as they give an elegant and romantic ambience to any room.
Hope this was a useful short recommendation.
What are some of your favorite drugstore products?