Recent beauty must haves

Sorry foe being MIA the last few days. Today I wanted to give you some of my favorite products I have been reaching for the past few weeks. I can only strongly recommend them as I think they are all of high quality and they have all met my expectations (and I really set that bar high)
First, I wanted to introduce you my favorite foundation. It is from Lancome, a company that I don't believe gets enough kudos for the high quality make up range it is producing. So far I have not come across a product I did not like. Anyways, my foundation is from the Teint Miracle line. I don't like strong coverage so I am happy how the product evens out my skin tone. Teint Miracle provides a natural skin look and comes with SPF 15. I believe this was around $30 for a bottle of 30ml.
Second, for powder I have been using the Guerlain meteorites powder in Teint Rose which is the #1 of the powder range. Since my skin has some red and yellow undertones this color was recommended to me at Sephora. I like that this product has a sheer coverage but manages to provide that certain glow and highlights the areas where applied. I also enjoy the smell and despite the fact that this is a rather expensive product at $57, I think that the pearls will last me a long time. The product comes in a nostalgic silver tin that reminds me of the late 20's. Have I mentioned that it smells great as well? :)
The collection wouldn't be complete without two Chanel products: a nail polish in the most perfect red color, called Dragon, and a moisturizing and very long lasting red lip gloss in #60 exces. While the two products are also on the more pricey side I believe that the quality is outstanding and both product prove to be very long lasting. I had taken the nail polish to my nail appointment and the color lasted on my nails for nearly two weeks!
What are some of your recent beauty must-haves? Please share in the comments.