My top 5 nail polish colors

Anytime I go visit my nail tech I almost always stick with the same colors for my toes and nails. Although I always allow my toes to be more "party" than my hands. I enjoy bright colors such as pinks and reds. Here is a selection of nail colors that, I believe, every woman should have. Obviously, it doesn't have to be the same brand name, but we all should have a sexy-classic red and some pale pinks for the hands. Here is my top five selection:
1. Sugar daddy by Essie, one of my favorite colors for hands. Very lady like and professional.
2. Mod about you by OPI, my favorite color for my toes. Looking down at my pink toes always makes me smile.
3. Peridot by Chanel, this is one of those colors you will recognize at once. It is hard to describe the actual shade, so I call it the party nail polish vas it is very unexpecting, ranging from green to blue to gold.
4. Dragon by Chanel, if you can buy only one thing, get this nail polish. It is the perfect red shade and will instantly transform your hands from drab to fab and lady like. I love it!
5. Malaysian Mist by OPI is a very nude color and I like to wear it on both toes and hands. It is a very understated color that will elongate your fingers. I think every woman should have the perfect nude color shade.
Do you have a favorite? I would love to find out about your favorite nail polish.