Recent trips to Chicago and Key West

In the past several weeks I was lucky enough to visit two beautiful places that couldn't be any more different- Key West and Chicago. I have enjoyed scouring both of them and my time in each was very special to me. I hope that I soon get to revisit the two again. A quick side note: While I enjoy traveling and staying in different hotels I strongly believe that we all should support local businesses. Therefore, when I travel I attempt to stay in bed and breakfast accommodations. This way I get to support the local small businesses and contribute to somebody's dream. While in Key West we stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast a block away from Duvall street. It was a beautiful retreat with comfortable accommodations and a yummy breakfast bar.
While in Chicago I was staying in a boutique hotel named Allegro, belonging to the Kimpton chain. The hotel had excellent accommodations and staff truly cared about the customers. I had a wonderful time, not to mention that I really loved the decor. Each of the hotels is decorated based on the history or culture of the city it is housed in. If you are like me and you like different and quirky decor you will enjoy staying in a Kimpton hotel.
Here are some images from both places. Do you like traveling? What are some of your favorite places you would like to visit again?

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