Week through my Iphone lens #3

Time flies! A few weeks have passed since my last post and I have already broken the promise to myself to write more. To counter my slacking, I have decided to leave my laptop out in the living room to remind myself to post more and share all my ideas and thoughts with you. What can I say, today is a new day. Let's start this with a glance at what happened the past few weeks.
To fight the cold winter days I have decorated with flowers. Mostly pink or red tulips. Tulips are such "happy" flowers, somehow they remind me of a person who is always smiling.

I have also been shopping. Here are some recent Sephora purchases. I really love this YSL foundation, I can strongly recommend it. It takes a lot to steer me away from my La Mer foundation, but this did it. I have caved and bought the Urban Decay eye shadow in YDK, lovely color and the pigmentation is to die for! At last, I have acquired another nail polish. I just fell in love with the beautiful blue shade. A girl can't have enough nail polish!

Probably same as I, you have had your share of snow this year. Here is a glimpse of what it looked like outside my door.

As part of the new year resolution we have decided to eat gluten free and try to have as much vegan food as possible. I have started to skip my morning greek yogurt and replace it with Almond milk instead. Also, we swiped out all our granola, bread, seasoning and anything you can possibly think of to gluten free. I did not think that this change will have a big impact, but it did change how I feel. I have more energy and my skin tone has improved as well. I am not saying this is for everyone, but it has helped me.

What have you been up to these past few weeks? Any new projects you have been working on? Please share in the comments section.