Five things I enjoyed this week

Happy Monday? I hope you had a good start into the new week. As this has been the custom in the past few weeks I wanted to share with you what I have been up to over the course of the past few days.The weekend was both nourishing and entertaining. We had some very yummy dessert and visited a local art festival. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Share below how you spent your weekend!

 I love tulips, especially pink ones. I had to take a picture of them gracing my coffee table. They are always making me smile. What about you? What's your favorite type of flower?

 I am so happy, because I had this orchid for a few weeks now and it's still alive and looking pretty. Also, I am loving my air plant. They are so easy to keep. They are available at WestElm and are really lovely. Do you have an air plant? How are you keeping them "happy"?

Yes, this weekend we all had a major sweet tooth The Mr. and I shared this delicious brownie topped with a Bailey's ice cream. So yummy and so decadent...

 Our friend indulged on this vanilla ice cream sprinkled with bacon and maple syrup. Do you have a favorite dessert? Let me know below how you treat your sweet tooth.

 Tavern 64 it's a restaurant located  inside a Hyatt Regency hotel. They have a diversified brunch menu and a yummy selection of small plate dishes, perfect for sharing. We tried some fish dip, clam and broth with a crispy baguette and some hummus.

While I like these flowers, I really do not enjoy their smell. They ended up opening up beautifully, but had a very intensive smell which kind of made me not enjoy the blooms. Share with me, what do you think of these flowers?

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