Meet my furry friend tag: Daisy

Today I thought I do something completely different and write a post about my little doxie, also known to many of you as Miss Daisy. 
So without additional introduction let's get right to it:
1. What is your pets name?
My dog's name is Daisy, aka Miss Daisy 

2. What kind of pet is it and what breed?

Daisy is a dog, she's a miniature doxie. She's a mix between a long hair and a short hair dachshund. 

3. How long have you had your pet friend?

I've had Daisy since she was a little puppy. She was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Today Daisy weights around 8 pounds (on her bloated days sometimes more, but she doesn't like talking about her weight)

4. How did you get your pet?

I've got Daisy from the Mr. 

5. How old is your pet?

Daisy does not talk about her age, she's a lady. :) 

6. What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

Daisy is a diva, she likes comfort and clean environment. She loves to eat veggies, cheese and fruits. She is terrible with her "regular' food and sometimes she just  sits in front of her food bowl for hours picking out pallets and spreading them all over the floor. 
She has two favorite toys: a blue kong and a pink and blue dotted elephant. She likes to bring her toys to bed. She's not a chewer and she can have treats which she will carry with her for days. 
Daisy has a good sense of humor and will pretty much go along any prank and she loves to cuddle and give kisses. She loves to have your attention at all times. 

7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
My pets are like family to me. We take them with us on vacations, trips and anywhere in-between. 

8. What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?

This might sound silly, but I like reading out to my Daisy and she seems to sit there and enjoy the plot of any book I read. I like going for walkies with her, altough for the most part Daisy will stop and refuse walking, so I have to carry her. We like sitting out on the patio and soaking up the sun. Daisy is completely OK with just hanging out and doing absolutely nothing. ( no judgments there) 
9. What are nicknames that you call your pet?

I call Daisy by her name. When she's silly I call her Silly Banana. When we cuddle I call her Princess or Sunshine. It all depends on the situation. 

I hope you enjoyed my pet tag. I do have a part two since we have two pets. Please, share your pet tag with me. What are some of your favorite things about your pet? Share with me below! 

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