Product Review: Pottery Barn Diffuser

Happy Monday, I hope you had a pleasant start of the week. A while back I have discovered these Pottery Barn Homescent diffusers. I have recently re-purchased a few more and I thought I share with you my impressions of the product.
The diffuser you see in the pictures above is in the Ocean scent. The company offers other products in the scent as well, such as candles, potpourri and a larger size diffuser. My favorites have been the candles and the small diffusers which I loved spreading around small rooms, closets or bathrooms.
Let's talk about the packaging. The diffuser bottle was placed inside a cardboard box and the attention to detail is amazing I love that there is a little print pattern even on the inside of the box.
There is a total of eight different scents and you can select pomegranate, moss, fig and others based on your preference.
The items range from $19.95-$39.50. The smell lasts a while you just have to remember to rotate the sticks.
I personally like the scents and the simple bottle design that carries little marking and stickers and can easily blend into any decor.
Have you been using any Pottery Barn diffusers? If not, do you have a favorite diffuser brand? What's the scent you gravitate to? Comment below and don't forget to subscribe!

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