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Hello, how was your weekend? I hope you had a pleasant weekend and got some rest. Another busy week is ahead of us. :)
This Sunday I had a chance to watch Super Soul Sunday, a show on Oprah's network OWN. This Sunday Oprah's guest was the Brazilian born author of Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.
I love Super Soul Sunday, as the show always provides some retrospect and reminds us to follow our hearts and give our dreams a try.
So, I hope that this weekend you remembered your dreams and  you did something that you truly love doing. Something that makes your soul happy.

Decor, this weekend I had to make another stop at ZGallerie, I just love how they decorate the tables. It's very inspiring and I always walk out of there with a few great ideas and a few items I can use on my table. :)

Food, if you are in DC you must visit one of the Jose Andres restaurants. There area few of his restaurants in the DC metro area. All of the restaurants  have different themes. This time we have picked Zaytinya which serves a fusion of Greek. Lebanese and Turkish food.  If you are in DC it's a must you visit one of his restaurants. All of them serve food tapas style, small plates packed with a lot of flavor. They all offer a variety of vegetarian dishes, so they have a variety of things offered for different tastes.

What have you been up to this weekend? Please share in the comments section and don't forget to subscribe!

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