How to Grow Orchids- Six Tips

Hello my lovely Glamistas, happy day before Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend for some relaxation time.
Recently, I've shared a photos of my blooming orchids on IG and many of you shared your frustrations with the plats and even worse how you manage to kill it only a short time after it arrives at your home.

Because of the feedback I received, I wanted to share some tips on how I keep my orchids blooming over and over again. Please be advised that by no means I am an expert, these are just some things that have been working for my orchids. I killed my share of orchids in the past as well, but tried to learn from my mistakes in the past.

Why would you buy orchids? The easy answer is that they are beautiful and elegant flowers. :) From the economic perspective a pot of orchids can cost anywhere from $5.99 for a small breed to around $18 for a large species. Basically they cost about the same as a bunch of fresh cut flowers, but last for weeks and even months. 

Here are my six tips on how to grow orchids:

1. I was once told that orchids are like women they are moody. I find it to be true when we talk about their location, they like to be in bright spots, but avoid directly or prolonged sun light. Same with too dark areas, they will start losing flowers almost right away.

2. If you have more than one pot put the plants together, they create a little micro climate which helps them stay healthy.

3. Orchids like humidity, but too much water, especially standing water on their roots kills them.

4. In my experience orchids don't like to be flushed with water and let to drain. I use 1/2 cup of water once a week. However, I first check the moss on top of the pot. If the moss is moist your plant doesn't need the additional water.

5. Instead of water you can put ice cubes around the leaves, the ice cubes melt slowly creating a little humid environment for the orchid.

6. Use orchid feed. I have been buying one from Whole Foods, which I also use on other plants. However, do not use your feed if the flower still has blooms otherwise they will die.

So here are my six tips on how to grow orchids. Remember these are just a few things that have worked for me. What are some of the things you do to grow these pretty plants? I am looking forward to your comment below.

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