Inspirational Thursday

Hello Glamistas, happy Thursday to you! Many times we are flustered, frustrated and stopped in our tracks by things that seem impossible to overcome.

And yet, many of us succeed at the very things that we were afraid of trying. I believe there is no such thing as failure, you try something you learn from it and you move on.

You try it again in a different way, from a different angle with a different approach and if that doesn't work you rethink, regroup and try something different again.

I believe that the fulfillment of your dreams is important to you, it makes you whole. Don't hide behind the what-ifs, the I can't because, just find a way and try it again.

Give yourself the opportunity of becoming the best you can be. Because, really you only compete with yourself and you know you are afraid of becoming everything you ever wanted to be. Now go out there and try it again!

What are some of the things you would try if you knew you wouldn't/couldn't fail? Maybe it's something you are actively pursuing, but were afraid of trying before. I am looking forward to your comments.