Let's Watch Some Scary Movies!

Happy Friday my lovely Glamistas! I hope you have been enjoying your day so far. Halloween is almost upon us and that means scary movie time! I must admit I am not a big fan of scary movies or horrors, I prefer good old thrillers ala Birds, etc. It definitely makes me watch out for any species with feathers. However, I love watching vampire and zombie movies. What about you?

Here are some movies that I like watching during the cold days of October.

What can I say I love movies about Vampires and Zombies and anything in between. Have you guys seen the grudge? I think this is one of the movies I only watch during day time. :)

(how cute is my owl from ZGallerie? :) )

Here are some of the movies I enjoy watching around this time:

Queen of the Damned
Interview with a Vampire
Underworld (first is still the best)
Resident Evil (My favorite is the first, but Afterlife might be a close second)

Do you like watching scary movies? Have you seen the recently released Annabelle? Did you like it?
What about Vampire movies? Do you have a favorite? Please share your favorites, I love reading your comments and ideas!

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