3 Ways to Find Keywords for Your Blog

Bloggers and small business owners are always on the search for the perfect keyword or phrase to gain an edge on your competitor. As bloggers we are always looking for keywords that will help us get more exposure and more hits when users are in the search process. Today, I will share three tactics you can use to find the perfect phrases for your blog posts. As you know including particular keywords in your content will help you gain more organic exposure via hits on the search engine results page.

1. Use your competitors website. Find what keywords are being targeted by your competitors or other bloggers or businesses you admire. Go to your AdWords account, select tools and go to Search for new keywords and ad groups. Copy the website URL into the tool  The AdWords tool will show you all keywords Google believes that particular site is hitting on.

2. Enter keywords or phrases that you would like to target. In the same tool as above, enter keywords that you would like to target and look for alternatives. Pay attention to long tail keywords as they are often under-utilized (and cheaper if you are looking to pay for PPC)

What are long tail keywords? Let's say you are selling wooden dining room chairs. A "regular" keyword would be chairs and long tail keyword would be "white wooden dining room chairs" or "country-style white dining room chairs" or something to that nature that better describes the particular item.

The advantage of targeting long tail keywords is that you are hitting up people who are in the buy cycle rather than research cycle and these keywords tend to be less expensive, because you are limiting the number of competitors who might also bit on that keyword.

When you are looking for alternative keywords and phrases have a look at words with high traffic and low number of bids. High traffic volume/low bid means that users are utilizing that keyword in the search, but most companies or bloggers in the field are not bidding on those keywords.

3. Use Google Analytics.Believe it or not your blog's Google Analytics account is a great tool to uncover your particular keywords.

In your Google Analytics account have a look at the keywords tab and select organic. This will show you the phrases people entered into the search engine that landed them on you pages. Look at the volume of these searches. If you are looking at the keywords and seeing a particular word or phrase that has a high search volume it might be a good idea to utilize that term in your content. Possibly write a blog post that focuses around the particular term.

If you are looking for more in depth data you can always manipulate your date and the number of keywords you want listed.

When you are looking at those organic keywords check the bounce rate. If the bounce rate is high and the time spent on the page is short it's a good indicator that these users did not fin the information they were hoping to get. Consider the content or layout of your pages, it might be that the text layout didn't highlight the important sections or that the text did not deliver on the content the users were looking for. If that's the case, I would look at #1 above and enter my own URL in the AdWords tool. What keywords will your website be linked to? Are those phrases you desire

I hope these three ways of finding your particular keywords will help you maximize the content and utilize your resources in a better way.
Do you have any tricks how you find keywords you would like to target? How do you optimize your content for your chosen key phrases? As always I am looking forward to hearing from you. Please leave a comment about what you read let me know what other tips you would like to read next time.

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