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Hello, how are you my lovelies? Can you believe it's almost Labor Day weekend? I can't this year seems to be flying by way to fast and I am already dreading the colder months.

But, before I start worrying about the impossible winter, let's have a look at the fun times I had in the past few days.

As every weekend we have indulged in variety of foods. We have visited one of our favorite restaurants in the area and had some Lebanese food. If you never had Lebanese food, it's a must you try! It's full of flavor and has some delicious dishes along with many meatless options. Have you had Lebanese food? What is your favorite dish you always get? If not, what's your favorite type of food? 
I couldn't resist and I did get this pretty Jonathan Adler elephant ceramic bowl. I have been so happy with it and now the whale doesn't feel so lonely. :) You can get more detail about this ceramic elephant bowl in my recent post. I have also added some new flowers to the decor for more color.

My weekend is just not completed without cuddling with these two. Daisy cuddles more than Mr. Pickles, but he sure has been warming up to us in the recent months. I just love spending my weekends hanging out with these two. If you have pets, you can probably totally relate. To learn more about my furry companions, check out my pet tags, here and here. What is your favorite activity with your pets over the weekend?

What have you been up to this past week? Share your weekly fluff below or past a link to your post where I can read your week's activities. Don't forget to subscribe!

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