Nine essentials from last week

This has been an exciting and very busy week. We have visited the beautiful city of Annapolis, MD. (there will be a whole post dedicated to our day trip to this great city)

I have been loving my beautiful orchids, in white and pink. I love how these add color and life to any home decor. You can find more about it in the blog posts How to add color to your home decor.

 I enjoy to decorate with pieces that really don't cost anything such as these product boxes. I've been loving the contrast of black and blue. Do you decorate with product packages? How do you like this?

I have received these as part of the 500 points reward at Sephora. Have you tried this brand before? How do you like it?

I am happy to announce my new place mat line. They come in a set of four. I love setting my table with these fun and glamed up mats. They will make your table look fabulous. A set of these four hand-made mats goes for $32.95, green or silver. Email me to order

Mr. Pickles relaxes in his favorite spot. It makes me so happy to see him happy hanging out around our apartment. He has made a lot of progress from the shy cat that was roaming the streets and hiding under cars. If you can give a homeless dog or cat a loving home.

Recently I have shared a review of the Nespresso coffee machine. The machine will make you a perfect coffee cup. (the place mat is by me) I love how versatile the mat is. It can be used in many ways and with different types of decor. 

At last a photo of princess Daisy. She had a surgery to get a lump removed, thankfully there were no cancer cells. We are happy that she's healthy.

What have you been up to this past week? Any special activities you've participated in? Please share below. Follow my Instagram account GlamistaHome. Hope to see you there!

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