My Top 4 Must-have Decor Items

Good day Glamistas! Hope you have had a nice week. Weekend is just around the corner. Do you have anything fun planned out?
My Tuesday post gave you some tips on how to decorate your coffee table, check it out if you haven't yet!
Today, I wanted to share some of my must have pieces to use to decorate your home. I hope you will find some inspiration here:

Flowers, there is really no explanation needed. I love all kinds of flowers, preferably white or pink, because those colors nicely complements the rest of my decor. Pink is just such a happy color and I love using it to add a little color to my mostly neutral decor. As you have seen in other posts, I love putting flowers on my coffee table. It adds an elegant touch. I also like putting flowers on the dining table and around the door to make my guest feel even more welcomed. Some of my favorite flowers are roses and orchids. Orchids last a very long time, so the little higher upfront cost pays off. What are your favorite flowers? Do you go for certain colors when choosing a bunch?

Books and magazines are super versatile, not only to they look great on any surface they often serve as conversation starters. I love it when visitors look at the books I have put up and ask about them. This leads to a great conversation and who knows maybe a good book recommendation? :)
The reason why I use books and magazines is for my love of reading, but I also find books useful in highlighting decor pieces or creating a visual balance, especially on shelves where you are displaying taller pieces, such as a lamp of lantern.

Trays, I could not have a list of must have decor pieces without mentioning trays. I just love trays of all sizes. I love trays for several reasons/ First, they help organize your display in a cohesive way. IF you put your decor items on a tray it makes the area a little more polished and organized. (it's not always the case, but it works great for coffee tables) Second, I like that trays protect your surfaces. If you have furniture pieces that you would like to protect trays can be a fabulous way to do so without covering everything with a cloth.

Pillows, I throw pillows on my sofa, bed and chairs. I like the look they create. I am always amazed at how a color or the design of a pillow covers can transform the same sofa from a boring piece to a modern eye catcher. Where do you go to get some pretty pillows for your home? Do you have a favorite store or do you get them on etsy?

What should we add to the list? What other items do you consider a must-have when you style a space? Music, candles, plants? What are your favorites?

Have a great day and remember if it looks good you feel good!

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