How I decorate my nightstand

Just like the coffee table in the living room your night stand is often a place where you display your favorite decor pieces. Your night stand is often more personal than your coffee table and can include some photos of your loved ones or your favorite perfume bottle or diary. Whatever it is these items have to make you feel a special way since these are the things you see first when you wake up or last when you go to bed.

I keep my nightstand pretty simple. I like simple, modern lines with a touch of elegance and glam. My nightstand typically has a few flowers, some candles and of course books.
Here I keep an old Ikea frame as a black and white backdrop to my nightstand, I like the juxtaposition of modern art and 40's inspired mirrored furniture.
Since I bore easily with the decor pieces I like to have items there that can be easily changed up or combined with other items through the house.

The Shopping List:
My dresser/nightstand is from HomeGoods
The crystal vase is from HomeGoods
The flowers are from Whole Foods
The Picasso picture is a poster from Ikea that I bought several years ago
The lamp is from Target
The candle is from HomeGoods
The tray is from Ikea
The lantern is from HomeGoods and the flame-less candle is either from HomeGoods or Pottery Barn

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How have you decorated your nightstand? What are your must-have or favorite pieces you must display? Share in the comments or if you have a blog post about that, post a link. I would love to read how you decorate your bedroom.

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