Shop with me: Weekend trip to furniture stores #2

Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday. Mine was pretty busy and unfortunately it rained here all day. Here is the follow up post to yesterday's shop with me: ZGallerie. Many of you enjoyed that post and I appreciate your likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram. It truly means a lot to me to have so many beautiful people visit my blog and liking my posts. Thank you all so much!
The second store I had to visit this weekend was West Elm. If you like urban and mid-century inspired pieces West Elm is the store for you! Their furniture is at a mid-price range and is at a pretty good quality. I have a few pieces from there and they are holding strong. Let me know if you would be interested in a product review.
I enjoy their diversified product range. You can find sofas, tables and chairs, bedding and many accessories for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. I believe that if you like contemporary pieces with a twist you will enjoy this store.
As you all know, I love trays. And I have a variety of trays from different stores, among others from West Elm. Two of the trays I have from them are designed to emulate gold leaf. They are very pretty, versatile and durable. Check out my recent post about decorating with trays. My local store had a variety of trays in different colors and sizes. My favorite was a large Plexiglas tray which would be perfect on an ottoman used for a coffee table.

I really like this L-shaped sofa. It provides for ample seating even in a small space and I like that they have anchored it with a round table. I like mixing an matching different shapes. And hey that carpet is great as well! 

 During spring months the company adds plants to the vast number of fun home accessories. I love these air plants as they can survive on virtually, well air.
 Here is my air plant nicely tugged in a round terrarium on a few rocks. I bought bought the plant and the glass container in West Elm. These terrariums come in a variety of sizes and who doesn't like that brass stool these sit on?
Well, that was my part two of my weekend trip to some furniture stores. Let me know what stores you  like to visit. Do you have an air plant? Share with me how you decorate with it in the comments below.

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